30 Steps to Building a Business for Entrepreneurs

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just laid out all of the steps you need to take to build your business? A checklist that you could just follow? Well you COULD join my 30 day FREE Course and get all of the steps delivered to your inbox with examples, resources and information from the top industry experts or you could just print off this list below. The list is not exhaustive but it’s going to get you started and help you ensure you’ve got the basics covered.



  1. Get Clear on Your Product
  2. Get Clear on Your Message
  3. Get Clear on Who is going to Buy Your Product
  4. Get the right support – Virtual Assistant, Lawyers, Copy Writers, Accountants, a Coach (like me) – don’t try and do it all yourself
  5. Incorporate – make it official
  6. Learn about Taxes
  7. Get a Name or use your own
  8. Buy a domain
  9. Set up a website
  10. Get an email service provider
  11. Get a customer management tool
  12. Learn about Landing Pages
  13. Learn Online Marketing
  14. Learn about Social Media
  15. Learn about email marketing
  16. Create a Facebook Group vs a Facebook Page
  17. Develop a customer service model
  18. Create a blog
  19. Guest post on other sites
  20. Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  21. Build an opt-in lead magnet
  22. Send out Newsletters
  23. If you’re product-based – learn about wholesaling
  24. Learn about Joint Venture Partners
  25. Learn about Affiliate Partnership
  26. Passive Income options
  27. Sales Funnels
  28. Repeat Customers/Customer recognition programs
  29. How to be visible
  30. Traditional Marketing

Ok I could keep going here. Does this seem overwhelming? This is where coaching comes in and is incredibly valuable when you’re setting up a new business. I take my clients out of the spin cycle and moving forward on the track that is right for them.



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