Does a Coach Need to Know or have Experienced the Topic they are Coaching On

I spend a bit of time in Facebook groups to know there are 100% coaches and people who use the coach term in the world despite being something else.

I’ve heard many times people say in Facebook groups like this: make sure your coach has already done what they are coaching you on.

A coach who is 100% in coach mode and not stepping into a strategist, mentor, teacher or cheerleader seat – doesn’t have to know anything about the topic you are bringing and in fact the less they know – sometimes the better.parallax-contact

A coach in coach mode doesn’t coach “on” a topic. They never say a word about it. We mirror our clients. Our job is to know tools such as logical levels, NLP and/or other modalities in order for you to discover your own path on prosperity. If a coach is teaching or “telling”on a subject they cross out of coaching and into teaching, mentorship, cheerleader or strategist role.

Full coaching – I never have to know the subject at all. I can just be incredibly curious. Coaching runs on the assumption the client already has all they need for their problem inside. The coach’s role is to help them bring it outside. To help them become.

My role is to know how to coach powerfully – asking the questions that my clients can’t or won’t ask themselves. Listening intensely to hear where the client is going but also what they are keeping away from.

To be completely unknown to the subject so I don’t lend any bias or impression on where the client is going.

To be fearless in knowing and holding space for the client that the answer is there for them.

The challenge is that many coaches have never been trained or coached so they think they have to know a subject or they can tell their clients what to do or not to do which is leading to a very muddy world and clients who haven’t actually experienced expansion for themselves because the coach felt they needed to connect the dots for them.

One of my coach mentors once shared his favourite coach would often feign that he didn’t know a word in English for his English speaking clients (he spoke Portuguese) and he would ask “what is this word, what does it mean” and the client would go further and sometimes discover that word wasn’t even what they really wanted.

The power in coaching is the client creates the neuro pathways by connecting the dots themselves through being asked a bazillion questions by the coach.

When I look for a new coach I look at their training, modalities, and who they have coached with. I don’t even care about client results in terms of money or outcomes (because that’s up to the client not the coach). I want to know what their clients’ expansion was.

Sometimes a coach steps into other roles to help their clients and that’s cool because hey – your business. I think coaches should be clear when they are stepping into the other roles for their clients and know when it is appropriate to do so.

Anyhoo – hope this helps people asking what coaches do and if they should know the topic they are working with.


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