A Weekend of Creating

IMG_5050I took an art class this weekend where we built a journal and then did some hand-lettering and collage to start filling it. It was an interesting two-day class for a few reasons. One is that it is incredibly snowy and cold here in Edmonton so the chance to work with delicious, vibrant colours was a wonderful opportunity. I don’t have a lot of experience learning art in group settings so it was also interesting to see and experience other people’s group learning strategies and techniques. I noticed a few participants strong need to “sort for others”. They were constantly blurting out their discoveries and observations and then looking around to see if others would acknowledgIMG_5056e their declarations.

I tend to become very inward when it comes to creating art. I definitely go within myself and I often tune everything out around me. I blame it on part to working in a cubicle for most of my adult life but I also think it goes back to being a mostly only child. I really am not used to people looking over my shoulder as I create and I am really not used to people asking for my approval on what they are working on.

I fully believe we create some art for ourselves and some we create to spread throughout the world. I also believe art comes in so many forms – it might be the cover page of that TPS report or it might be a painting. It might be an excel formula that saves you 20 minutes every time you fill out your expense report and it could be a sculpture. The idea is that when you take the time to ponder, reflect and come up with a brilliant new way of doing things – you’re accessing your creative mind.

My cat was really impressed with my art that I created this weekend. I think that was the only approval I really needed. What did you create this weekend?





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