Working Alone With Others

Entrepreneurs Need Support

When I first started my pop up company, I was working a full time job. It meant that I could share some of challenges and wins with my co-workers. They were proud of me and often helped me brainstorm how I could build my company even bigger.

When I left my corporate career to build my coaching business, I was suddenly at home alone. I would work in coffee shops to get out of the house but when I had calls with clients I would stay home. It was a quiet, isolating experience.

I joined hundreds of Facebook groups for entrepreneurs hoping to find a community that could support me but they often fell short. Partly because of the limited reach the Facebook groups have in the newsfeeds and partly because Facebook groups became more a marketing tool than a networking tool.

There are networking groups in my city but I found they were also more geared toward business-to-business (B2B) business building where members access services in the group. It’s a strong foundation and concept however I didn’t really have a desire to build a local network for my business.

The biggest challenge can be this irresistible drive to be all in with your business. With startup failure rates like 3 out 4 business will close in the first 3 years of business, there is a drive to be successful. You might further isolate yourself from friends and family until you feel like your business is stable. But this brings you further into isolation.

So what can you do? Make time for friends & family. Schedule brainstorming sessions with other entrepreneurs. Find a biz bestie that will keep you motivated.

In 2018, I’m going to start up a meetup group in my city for entrepreneurs like me who need face-to-face interaction with others. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

“You need to talk to Marissa Loewen! I’ve done both her Rich Pitch program and one-on-one coaching with her. She’s the difference between learning about it theoretically and having structure, accountability and external viewpoints to make the change.”

Jenifer Horvath . Coach, Heart Lifted

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