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What is YOUR #1 Fear holding you back?

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You Can Feel It.
I Can Too. It’s Time to Create the Rules ™

I’m not here to hold your hand, tell you what to do or even give you a guaranteed outcome. Because this is your life. Your time. Your choice. What I will promise you is an intensely powerful, 360 degree perspective on your life, your business and ultimately – your happiness.

I’m here for the leaders, the change makers, the powerfully radical decision makers. I’m here for the impulsive, the passionate and the multi-focused over achiever that doesn’t settle, shuns the mediocre middle of the road and wants to challenge their current belief system because they know they are meant for something more.

We can no longer go along with the status quo. Our world is in vital need of a radical shift in the way we look at money, relationships, achieving our goals and building community. You are a leader, a revolutionary, a catalyst – and you’re ready, so so ready, for spectacular change, expansion & growth.

Hello! I’m Marissa

I’ve been Hulk-smashing creative blocks for over 16 years as a communicator, creator, brand strategist and a certified professional coach. I work with ambitious, creative leaders, entrepreneurs & change-makers who are ready to create masterful, profitable businesses.

But we don’t stop at just powerful, abundant businesses. We focus on you, all of you, to help you create the most stunning life you can imagine. Relationships, communication, support, wealth, happiness, love & joy are all involved. We take a 360 degree look at how they all come together.

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My job is to help you get those juicy ideas out of your brilliant head, into one big happy plan and then out into the world where they can make you money. Sound like something you need? Perfect.

Coaching is designed to help you get out of your own way so that you can move forward quickly in creating the life you love and building a profitable business. I ask a lot of questions and you design your life & business, your way.

I am not here to teach you or tell you how to design your dream business. I am here to ask you the questions you don’t want to ask yourself in order for you to discover your inner champion, that bold, powerful leader you have inside.

What’s On My Mind

My thoughts on confidence, mindset, shame & fear. You know, the light stuff.

Marissa asked all the right questions so I could clarify the direction for my pottery business and cut through to the core of what I need to focus on in our very first conversation. I’ve learned to say no to things I hated doing. That extra time in my schedule has opened amazing opportunities. With her coaching I have said yes to unapologetically charging my worth. It feels amazing to know Marissa’s in my corner when I need a nudge, clarification, and empowerment or someone to celebrate success with!
Rebecca Graves Prowse, Rebecca Graves Pottery