Wouldn’t life just be delicious if all of the answers came to us naturally? I know I have a bad habit of dwelling too long in a decision and that can impact my business growth. When my business growth is impacted then it can spread to other areas of my life, including relationships and spirituality.

With my clients, sometimes we don’t need three to six months together. We can break through limiting blocks in 1-3 sessions and then they are back on track. I love masterminding with creative entrepreneurs to get them back into their own space, moving quickly to their desires and goals.

For my one-on-one coaching packages, it’s important that there is a delightful fit between me and my clients so we schedule a discovery call first to make sure we want to work together long term.

When you click to book these services, you will be required to pay to secure your appointment.


30 Min Brainstorm

You need to unpack an idea and you want my input as a business owner or marketing, social media or website support. More mentoring than coaching but you’ll be on the right track after!

$375 USD


60 Min Brainstorm

Big ideas or 2 ideas that need a little more inspection and analysis. We’ll unpack, develop them and get them working for you. Mentoring and coaching are included.

$750 USD


90 Min Define and Refine

This comes in every 90 day and 6 month package but sometimes you need  a mindset reset, a limiting block smashed or to review your values. This is pure coaching and will get you raising your vibrations and ready to get back in the driver’s seat of your goals.

$875 USD