Competition brain kicks in when we start to look at what others around us are doing. Sometimes it helps fuel us to reach new heights by making us move faster, be more agile, think faster. The other side of competition brain is when it tells us we are worth less than others and therefore hide our voices. It can also say to us “Why do I deserve it more than others?” and then we never put ourselves out there too.

Well that’s all just crap. Seriously. There is no one in the western world who doesn’t deserve all that they desire. They make choices in their life that prevent that desire from happening – from the more urban settling in a role we never wanted to the more serious self sabotage of committing crimes.

I’m talking specifically in the western world because there are cultures and countries where personal liberties are not granted based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. There is still a right to obtain all that they desire but there are so many other factors limiting their rise above the persecution they face. They are worthy as well.

In the western world, we still have racism, sexism, homophobia and other systemic blocks to achieving what we desire but we still do have choice. We have laws, government, right to education and an economy that allows everyone to build the life they desire.

And there is room for everyone. Seriously. There is room for everyone to achieve what they desire. Especially you.