Hello my little creative genius,

This week my clients all checked in with the same theme – “I’m going to charge just x amount” I really cringe every time I hear the word just or justify. The word just in front of anything is really code for “I’m not sure about my worth and I am definitely not sure what others think I am worth, so this is the safest price I can say out loud that doesn’t make me want to run and hide in the Invisible Entrepreneur Cave”

Now before y’all start putting Invisible Entrepreneur Cave into your Google Maps, let me just stop you right there. I want everyone to raise their hands right now (I know I can’t see you, but you deserve the stretch) if you like making money. If you don’t have your hand up right now, it’s either too late at night or too early in the morning OR you’re not really in business. If you’re not in business to make money, then you’re really just working on a hobby. Which isn’t a bad thing, but you’re subscribed to a business coach which means I’m not going to help you build your hobby, I’m going to help you build your mother flippin’ rockstar business.

So I’m going to ask again – who here likes making money? HANDS UP! Ok now that we’ve all stretched and got ourselves ready, let’s do a little exercise I like to call SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Take a piece of paper. Put a line down the middle.

On one side of the paper put all the things you desire. On the other side of the paper you’re going to put the amount that desire costs (I would do it on a yearly basis) Be gentle, but be generous. I mean seriously, how good would a housekeeper feel right now – knowing that your house is super clean and you didn’t have to pick up that mop? And let’s get real, the total cost is maybe what – $1200-2000 a year? What about that Kate Spade handbag you said “Oh man, I can’t justify that….” Justify is a word we use when we don’t allow ourselves happiness. Nobody needs to justify Kate Spade. They just need to have it on their arm if they love it. That’s it.

Ok back to the list. After it’s all done – add up that right column. That’s your yearly income. No seriously…that’s what we’re working towards. Sweet, hey? Great – now that we got that out of the way I’m going to let you think about it for a bit. Feel free to keep adding to that desire list.

In my next post we’re going to take that number and then figure out how to start building your business to bring that money in.

Sound like a plan?

Stay Creative my friends,


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