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How to Take Action

Waiting to Exhale If you're waiting for something to happen in your life - losing weight, getting your products perfect, to have more time, to have someone swoop in with the perfect opportunity - [...]

Are We Worth More Than Others?

Competition brain kicks in when we start to look at what others around us are doing. Sometimes it helps fuel us to reach new heights by making us move faster, be more agile, think [...]

Live Your Worth

I was in a Facebook entrepreneur group the other day and I heard some people talking about how a particular industry was already "flooded" and "over-saturated" and that it was difficult to be a unique [...]

Thank You Pages that Sell

Ok today's tidbit - if you have an optin on your website what happens after they optin. What does your thank you page look like? Do you tell them they need to go click the [...]