The one secret to making money online if you ask most business experts is visibility. They will ask us are you being visible? Or they will say we have a limiting belief about being visible.

The underlying truth is – sure, if no one knows you’re offering or selling something how will they know it even exists to take it?

But here’s the thing visibility works both ways. You, as the seller, can see me, the customer. In the past few weeks, several contacts on FB have sent me messages asking to partner with me on their projects. To spread the word, be affiliates, provide content, etc.

Except the messages were very obviously cut and pasted. Now I’m not asking you to write out 500 paragraphs to each person when the info is the same but take the time to at least make the intro about me. Ask me how I am doing. How is the project I’m working on going. Heck, even how is your cats? Go on my newsfeed and find something you’re interested in about me. Please be interested about me before you send me a message on FB asking me to do something for you.

If this isn’t a step you can take – send me an email. It’s less personal. You can be less personal. I can delete it there easier than the FB message.

Studies show though, when we call customers by their name, even if it’s initially shocking to them, they buy more with us.

You return to the coffee shop where someone says “would you like your usual?”

You come back to the mechanic that says “last time you were here, I remember I wanted to check your brakes – ok if I take a peek at those on this visit?”

It gets harder when your brand hits thousands and millions but even Team Forleo sends cards & flowers to people in this group to share in their successes years after they paid the money to get in.

How can you see your customers?