As an artist, a marketer, a creative entrepreneur and as a community enthusiast there are a few simple truths that I align everything I do.

I believe

  • The world can always use more creativity.
  • No matter if your style or what you create is similar to someone else, you put your own spin or personality into it and you make it your own.
  • Creativity is BIG business. It’s our job as artists to believe it and own it and it is our job as consumers to recognize it and support it.
  • Competition is important – it pushes us to get to the finish line ahead of others. Creativity is imperative – it gives us the unique ideas that propels us faster, farther and with a heck of a lot less stress.
  • We are all creative. From the way we learn to speak to the moment we find our medium, it’s within us.
  • Artists, designers and other creatives have immense skill and ability to create income streams that allow them to pursue their art and other things that are important to them – time with family, travel, adventure & luxury.
  • The starving artist is not a value, it’s a belief that we hold onto to keep ourselves small.
  • Challenge is always welcome.
  • Laughter is the sound of creativity happening.
  • Everyone’s story is equally important and it deserves to be told and heard.
  • Everyone who comes to coaching is already ok, is not broken and is not in need of fixing.
  • When you come to coaching, there are no shoulds, there may be some woulds, quite a few coulds, but a heck of a lot of A HA moments.
  • To be continued…