I began working in the pop up shop world in 2012. I had participated in a few I didn’t have to organize while living Toronto. When I moved back to Edmonton, Alberta, I realized that I missed that amazing opportunity and started planning them for myself and others in the made local creative world. We began On the Spot Pop Ups in 2012 starting with two multi-vendor made local artist fairs next to a very popular bakery. We’ve since then had a bi-monthly maker’s market and now we’ve moved on to having our own pop ups and working with other groups in partnerships to bring a made-local market component to other events.

I define pop ups as a temporary event, retail space or art gallery. It is meant to divert attention and disrupt the ordinary experience for your community you are working in. For example, moving into a long-time empty shop and creating an art gallery, having a sidewalk library, a pop up painting opportunity in a park. Disrupting the experience to allow change to happen.

Pop ups allow consumers and a community to “try something on” Just like a pair of pants, the pop up allows people to work with an idea or concept to see if it fits.

  • Businesses can try out alternate locations to see if the organic traffic works for their model
  • Online businesses can see if brick n mortar style can work for them
  • The pop up acts as an open house. Potential leasers or buyers can see what works in the space and allows them to imagine their business there
  • It’s a catalyst for the community. Pop ups bring new people to a community and the pop up shop can work with existing businesses in the area to help leverage that influx of new consumers.
  • Ripples of change occur. Especially when pop ups are combined with the idea of placemaking. Participants can see how the change works in one community and they begin to see how it can work in theirs.

Want to see if a pop up shop will work for your business? They are not just for retail opportunities. Contact me to discover how they can help you. I also do public speaking engagements on pop ups and how they build community. Contact: hello@marissaloewen.com