I am so lucky – I get to work with incredible creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. Here are just a few compliments I’ve received from my clients.


"An Intuitive guide who reads between the lines..."

More than just a coach, I consider Marissa to also be an intuitive guide who reads between the lines and can pick up ideas for your business that you may not have yet fathomed. She works closely with you to peel away the layers and uncover whatever blocks that may be holding you stagnant. Her depth of knowledge in all things business makes her a rare gem. From sales funnels, to nurturing sequences, to SEO, she makes sure that once you are clear on your business goals, you have the exact strategies needed to see the level of results you desire. If you’re ready to be a rockstar and take your biz to the highest level, HIRE HER NOW!

– Stepha LaFond,

"...strategies to really take my life and abilities to the next level"

I’ve been a long-term client and I can’t say enough amazing things about her ability to move me through blockages and come up with strategies to really take my life and abilities to the next level.

– Jennifer Rollins,  Onyx & Sage


"the best money you will spend..."

 I had an 1 hour coaching call with Marissa Loewen and it’s the best money you will spend! She’s so smart and knowledgeable about EVERYTHING. She is amazing at what she does. If you haven’t done so already, do it. Do it NOW!

– Brittanee Tomkow,


"...ready to make my plan a reality"

I spent a couple of hours with Marissa in a coaching intensive and I believe my brain has exploded. I now have so many ideas for projects, display, projects, etc. My brain was spinning all night. I am tired in a very good way and ready to make my plan a reality

– Margo Valens,  Mosaics by Margo