Facing Overwhelm as a Small Business Owner

A business is not built in a day. Or a week. Or a month. We need to give it the space and expansion it deserves for it to grow.

One of the best indicators of when we’re not giving ourselves the space to reach success with our businesses is when we feel overwhelmed. However, I want to shift the way you think about feeling overwhelmed.

Overwhelm is like a safety valve that our body and mind has for us; when we have a fear of success or of failure, we begin to fill our lives with more than what we need or want. We say yes to every opportunity that comes along, we volunteer for more projects, we do more work than we should. We make things harder than it needs to be.

Fear of Failure VS Fear of Success

If you’ve been pursuing a goal–whether it’s with your business idea or something in your personal life–you’ve probably felt some fear creeping in. There are two main fears that can manifest: the fear of success and the fear of failure.

The fear of failure is when you worried about not succeeding with your idea or goal; when you’re experiencing this fear you’re likely worried about what people will think about you if you fail, if people will be disappointed in you or make fun of you, or failing to bring in enough money to pay your bills or support your family. If you’ve felt like this, you’re not alone!

On the other hand is the fear of success. Are you worried about making too much money? Have you been anxious about becoming too successful and struggling to fulfill their orders, that once you succeed it will feel too overwhelming, or even that you won’t be able to serve everyone you want to? One of my own fears – the fear of success – pops up when I think that I might not have time for my friends and family if I become too “busy” with success.

When we have these messages of fear playing in our minds, we start saying yes to everything but the original task that brought us joy. We actually prevent ourselves from being in proper alignment with where we need to be!

When we’re focused on the tasks we want to be doing and in alignment with our goals, we actually feel a big energy increase. Even when we’re sitting in front of the computer or at the pottery wheel, it’s going to feel great — we might get some physical aches and pains after a long day but you’re going to love what you’re doing so much that you’ll generate energy from it.

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, it’s a sign that you’re avoiding something. You might have a lot on your plate but that’s because you’ve allowed it–or invited it–instead of giving yourself permission to stay in your lane and succeed. Work backwards and ask yourself what you really want to be doing and what brings out the best in you.

When you’re working in your element, balance will come naturally.

How to Use Overwhelm as a Tool in your Small Business Toolbox

Use overwhelm as a tool. Don’t let it get out of hand but when you feel it sneaking in, check in and ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What you can say no to – what in your life isn’t in alignment with what you want to be doing?
  • What have you been telling yourself is the reason you can’t have success?
  • What is your definition of success? How will you know when you’ve made it?
  • What is your fear really asking you to examine or put in place?

With the last question, my own fear of being too busy to spend time with friends and family, it is asking me to not only create the income that gives me time off when I need it but also to hire a team that helps me with tasks.

Give yourself permission to do what you want to do. Every single person deserves to live in their passion and build a thriving business doing what lights them up. Discover what that means to you and how you can make this life even better.

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