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Alberta Venture – Top of the Pops: On the Spot Pop Ups Thrive

Excerpt: Most of the clients Loewen works with are small startups thinking about opening a permanent space or becoming a full-time business. “The whole goal with On the Spot Pop Up is to use the pop-up platform as a means to launch and test out the products and services that are the foundation of a business,” Loewen says. “It’s a form of market research – a way to test out all the variables before expanding to a full-scale operation. Your friends and family might think you have an amazing concept but that doesn’t mean others will. Pop-ups allow you to get feedback from the people who will actually be visiting your business, and the temporality means you can target different markets easily.” And while the pop-up model is good for testing out a product or service, it’s also an effective way to generate some exposure – and hopefully even a bit of buzz. “You could have the best product of its kind, but if you don’t have the skills to run your business and promote it, your business won’t succeed,” Loewen says.


That’s So Maven: Episode 12
A podcast by, for, and about female entrepreneurs.
We discussed many great topics – some that are considered a bit taboo in the entrepreneurial world.

The One: Episode 15 – Marissa & Kreg

A relationship podcast – featured with my husband, Kreg Loewen.