Tonia Jahshan

            Tonia Jahshan of Steeped Tea. Ancaster Ontario. May 2 2016 Photo Credit: Regina Garcia

Now THIS is a mentor to take notice of. As some of you know one of my income streams is Steeped Tea (direct sales) – the owner, Tonia Jahshan, was just named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur 2016. I’m pretty sure she’s on her way to be top Canadian Entrepreneur too.

Some people don’t think highly of the direct sales model but when you look at the thousands of women and men across North America who sell this tea under the Steeped Tea name – it’s really a franchise – just like Subway, Mr Lube and other common stores we regularly frequent.

Why is seeing ads, getting mailers, getting asked for the sale from a franchise any less offensive or intrusive than getting asked by a direct sales independent consultant?

I don’t know either.

When you choose to support these sellers – you support customized service, income generation for families and local economy boosts.

Tonia could have opened up stores across Canada and implemented big business tactics to make her a millionaire quickly. But she instead chose to invest in men & women like her who wanted to keep that investment going in their teams with the direct sale model. Creating businesses that work around their families and lifestyle.

Business comes in many different models. Don’t let others who have preconceived-ideas-without-the-experience tell you that you can’t succeed.

You absolutely can.

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