My job is to help you get those juicy ideas out of your brilliant head, into one big happy plan and then out into the world where they can make you money. Sound like something you need? Perfect.

Hi! I’m Marissa Loewen. As a Creative Career Coach, I help creatives-stuck-in-cubicles (or at home) like you bust out of the mundane, rip the bandaid off your unfulfilling routines and put creative plans in place to find and commit to a career that LIGHTS. YOU. UP.


….If you get panic attacks every morning in the parking lot of your current job… (been there)
…If you’re simply not “in it to win it” anymore and kinda feel like your job’s sucking your soul out through a very skinny straw (eek!)
…If you skip from company to company, hoping the next one will be “the one” that finally fulfills you
…If you’ve got an undeniable “stir” inside to do something else (and it’s not just from one too many glasses of wine last night)
…If you’re truly desiring a creative career where you can wake up each day loving what you do


Imagine if:

Arrow 27You uncovered (or unleashed) your artistic passion & then turned it into a money-making business.
Arrow 27You could monetize your creativity (get paid for using your words)
Arrow 27You were in a job that allowed you to make your own hours. (No more coming down with a case of the Mondays!)
Arrow 27Every. Single. Day. felt like the best day ever. Because you freakin’ love what you do.

Not sure what creative career is waiting for you? No problem, we start from the beginning and we uncover your artistic passion.

Already got an idea of where you’re going? Awesome, let’s build your launch path and your quit plan to get you there.

All ready to start launching your business? Sweet! My artrenpreneur program will get you set up to run a profitable creative business. Be a creative entrepreneur in no time!

Can you dig it? Yeah? Sweeet. Let’s dive in!