I will proudly admit that as a young adult I was completely immersed into wrestling. I had my favourites and I without fail watched RAW every week to see who was going to come out victorious. It was there I first discovered The Rock. The Rock had a line that I immediately felt attached to “Know Your Role” As a child and a young adult, I really had no idea what my role in the world was. I was born unplanned to parents who were never destined to be life partners. I was an outsider at school always on the fringe of every major friend clique in my school. I latched on to the internet as an introverts way of connecting with the world that never seemed to quite get me. So when The Rock proclaimed “Know your role!”, it became an instant anthem that has echoed in my head for the last almost two decades. (Uh where did THAT time go?)

My Role in the World

I definitely know what a part of my role in the world is. It’s to help uncover the small but significant details that make up other people’s unique set of qualities that will help them feel unique and vital in a busy noisy world.

I get to do that daily in my business as a transformational business coach. Through a series of deep, powerful questions, my clients discover the strengths they never knew they had and step into exciting new roles in their lives – dynamically shaping the outcomes of their own creative businesses to allow them to live a fully nourished life.

How Do You Know What Your Role is?

How did I figure that out? Well, I constantly asked myself “Ok Marissa, what IS your role?” and I tried out A LOT of things. I didn’t know having a coach would help me get there sooner. It wasn’t until I stumbled into the coaching world and received incredible life-affirming coaching that I was able to shed the cloud of depression plaguing my life. I had always felt role-less, unwanted and unneeded in the world. And then I started working with stunning leaders in creative businesses. Fearless women and men who decided they would create their own rules about what business is and how to earn money while building thriving, passionate businesses. I discovered that I was able to help them strengthen their businesses. I practiced my role over and over. Sometimes I really didn’t do it well. Sometimes I stunned myself with what I could accomplish. Sometimes I wondered if this was my role at all.

But clients kept coming and people kept seeking me out as I built a reputation for fearless coaching. I know now that I have incredible worth in the world. I know what a part of my role is and I welcome the additional roles I will take on in my life. Because I always have worth. I always have a part in this world. And you do too.

In the video, I walk you through an exercise to help you discover what your role is in the world and how you can build a business around it too.