todayBefore I dive deep (and by deep I mean about a paragraph) in to today’s topic – I want to just acknowledge where you are Because guess what? It’s January 15. We still have an outstanding 350 days to make 2015 the best year we’ve ever had.

So right here today, let’s take this moment and breathe really deeply. We’ve got that cool crisp air gracing our nose, We’ve maybe got a fresh dusting of snow in front of us or maybe if you’re where I am – a bit of a crazy mid-winter melt appearing before you. Whether you have the sun in front or behind you – just really plant your feet into the ground, raise those arms up, stretch out the muscles in your back and arms and breathe it all in. Wow. January 15.

Ok so now back to progress and being on that right track. Well here’s the great thing about never knowing how much time on this earth we have – it’s a good kick in the pants to stop putting off what you really want to be doing with your time you do have.

If you’re not actively moving towards that passion point what is actually stopping you?

  • fear?
  • money?
  • judgment from others?
  • no one else has done it before?
  • I don’t know, but it’s Thursday and nothing successful has ever been launched on a Thursday?

All of those are very good valid reasons to stop. Well only if you LIKE being miserable. Because people have created success stories by ignoring all of those factors and just moved forward and achieved it. No really, if you want case studies, email me and let me know. I’ll deliver hundreds to you.

So you can do this too. I believe in you. Believe today is going to bring you great success. Even if it’s just getting out of bed and giving yourself that well-deserved stretch. Wow, that feels just amazing.

Make Something Outstanding Today.