It’s time to stop hustling.

Yes, you read that right! As entrepreneurs, we’re regularly told that the way to achieve our goals in business is to embrace the hustle and grind but despite the good intentions behind these messages, it’s a quick road to burn out.

Hustling and grinding is actually the opposite of what we should be feeling – we shouldn’t have to feel we need to strive to be enough or to seek validation.

Achieving our goals without pushing through a grind is possible.

Rather than waiting until we are struggling and completely stalled to ask for help, we can teach ourselves to go through the easy first. By changing the way we think about achieving our goals, nothing needs to be a struggle and when challenges do come up, we can easily find the solution.

Sometimes that means finding the right team of people to support us, sometimes it’s giving yourself permission to stop waiting for everything to feel perfect or all of your ducks are in a row before launching that new product.

Instead, it’s time to work towards projects completion and step into the confidence that things can be easy – we can do the work and show up for our market day or product launch and step into the experience of enjoying those sales because we know that our audience desires our stuff. It’s the difference between working for the challenge of striving for growth and struggling; it’s for achieving that goal because the satisfaction makes us feel good, not because we have to.

This is heavily influenced by the way we set our goals. For example, do I have to reach a goal of making seven figures to be a really great business coach? Nope! To be a really great business coach I need to ask really good questions and I need to recognize opportunities for my clients where they might not recognize it themselves.

Setting goals that can be achieved through ease and focus versus grind and burnout require different metrics of success. Some of the questions to ask yourself include:

  • What is success?
  • What are you working for/towards?
  • Is it what society expects you to be or what society’s expectation of success is?
  • Is it YOUR version of success?
  • Does it make you feel safe? Resilient? Like you’re thriving?
  • Does it make you feel like you have resources (support, a tem, money, love) around you?

When we feel that we have resources around us, that we’re surrounded by people that care about us, and that we have the ability to create income in our lives, that’s when we allow ourselves to stop struggling and grinding and step into a thriving resilient life and business.

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