STOP!!! No wonder we are always questioning whether we can make it as entrepreneurs. Spend a few minutes online & you’re targeted with a barrage of well meaning business experts and their exclamations of stop doing this and stop doing that. STOP! So we do. We stop.

We stop experimenting. We stop trying new things. We stop putting ourselves out there for fear someone is going to yell STOP at us. Next thing we know, we’ve stopped our business all together. Yikes!

We force ourselves to opt-in to regurgitated content that starts with “The exact steps I took to make $20k in 20 minutes” because if we just do that, we won’t have to stop, right?

We dream of negative self talk and we watch others moving ahead and achieving their dreams and “Damnit why can they do it and not me?”

The secret: The autocorrect in their head sees all the “stops” being thrown at them and changes it to “start”

So my fabulous entrepreneurs, rise up! 2016 is here and we have permission to start our lives. To all the copywriters who thrive on stop, I challenge you to start.