youWe think 60K-70K thoughts a day and 90% of the day’s thoughts are the same as the day before.

Thoughts are not the same as thinking. Thinking is the creation of new ideas. So if we spend 90% of our day on what we’ve done before, how do you work with your creative intuition to get outside your thoughts?

We also lose attention 6-10 times a minute, so we need practice at being present.

When you work with a coach, their job is to help you redefine your relationship to your story, stay present, not drift and help you imagine what could be.

If you can’t work with a coach, what are some ways you can help yourself practice intent and presence so you can focus on imagination and creativity?

One of the ways I do this is to live as if my future is now and I play with it. I set my intentions and I practice those intentions every day. My mixed media vision board, my to do list/planner, my interactions with others, are all studied. I feel the results of those intentions before they happen. I feel into how achieving that future reality will affect my life, my family’s life and even my coaching clients’ lives. I envision the look on my husband’s face when I tell him my launch reached 50K. I feel the hand on my mouse as I transfer that money into my bank account and into my investments. I even go so far as to picture which room in my house I just paid off with that achievement. smile emoticon I go stand in that room and say “You’re paid for already”

What do you do? If you’re not practicing intent already, what WILL you do?