The Top Three Reasons to Join the Create the Rules Challenge

Are you ready to supercharge your confidence and shift your mindset? The Create the Rules challenge starts on January 7, 2019!  You’ll have the opportunity to join me for FIVE days of FREE live coaching, mindset reframes, and life and business resets.

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Mental Health and Self Care

While self care can be a bit of a buzzword these days, it’s essential to success as an entrepreneur. This year, we’re doing the Create the Rules challenge a bit differently. While it will still have many of the business-focused activities participants know and love, the challenge will also have a new life component built in.

Throughout the year, I’ve recognized in my own life, and in conversations with friends and clients, that we can have a thriving, resilient business but if we’re not also taking care of ourselves as business owners at the end of the day, our businesses will start to fail, our relationships suffer, and everything around us will begin to fall apart.

If we’re only focused on working and never taking time off, we’re always going to be strung out, depressed, and stressed.

Past Create the Rules challenges have always worked well when applied to general life–and some participants have done some truly incredible things by applying the challenge to their personal lives–but I want to deliberately bring attention to the amazingness that comes from when we place intentional focus on our lives.

Create the Rules is about granting permission. Giving you the opportunity to really build the life and business that you want. Asking yourself how you want to show up in the world and stripping away the things that are not serving your life and business.

Transformational Change

Participating in the Create the Rules challenge means you’re giving yourself five days to really hone in and focus on your business and life. You’re going to see some really big changes in your business!

Some of the questions you’ll really be focusing on include what you’re doing (and why!), what’s working, and what isn’t working. How can you make things even better?

When you’re busy juggling business and life, it can be really hard to find time to really give yourself time to be there for yourself and reflect. This challenge is here for you to do exactly that!

It’s a rollercoaster of fun

Do you know that feeling you get at the top of a rollercoaster when you’re simultaneously thinking “I might die right now” and the adrenaline-driven rush of laughing your head off? That’s what participating in the Create the Rules challenge is like!

During the five days of coaching and activities, you’ll be pushed to really dig into all of those spaces that you’ve been ignoring and putting off.

You’ll have permission to say, “Yes, I’m worth it,” and take the time to really engage with these questions. Some of the questions might be scary and intimidating–or not even make sense at first–but it will come together in powerful ways at the end.

The changes you’ll experience will be unique to you – I love watching all of the incredible outcomes in the Create the Rules group. Everyone comes out of the challenge with so much more permission to do the things that they didn’t want to do, didn’t think they wanted to do!

Things are going to change–in your business, life, relationships–for the better because we’re going to train our mind to consistently look for the positive.

You’re going to have big changes; magic will happen.

You will have so much fun while doing this and you’ll learn to have fun while experiencing uncomfortable growth. You’ll learn how to look for the fun in the things you don’t enjoy.

Are you ready to join me?

Create the Rules is an innovative 5 DAY CHALLENGE that allows you to design a thriving, prosperous and fulfilling business that supports a thriving, prosperous and fulfilling life. That’s the key – we combine practical business tools that enable a solid profit plan while pairing it with the special transformation that comes with believing in your worth. Join us starting January 7, 2019!

More joy, more ease, more money.