What it's like to be a Business CoachI get asked this often- what is it like to be a coach? Well it’s stunning and awe inspiring and so incredibly rewarding. There is so much noise in the world today and as humans we absorb most of it which can create a bit of clutter in our minds.

With coaching, we allow a trust and rapport to happen with someone where we can remove the noise, clean out the clutter and actually dive into where we are going in our lives – whether it is personally or in business.

I am a transformational business coach for creative entrepreneurs – this includes artists, designers, photographers, coaches and healers. I work on both sides of the equation. I invite my clients to not only explore new ways to run their business but also to dive deep into their own stories, limiting beliefs and upper limit blocks in order to move ahead in their creative business.

A Day in the Life of a Business Coach

Well I spend a lot of time listening. Not only to my clients but my own inner intuition. I also believe in diverse income streams and I know a lot of coaches have their income coming in from a variety of sources in addition to coaching – teaching, mentoring, consulting and a host of other side projects that light them up.

I think those drawn to coaching are the idea sorters of the world. The brave souls who dare to reach into the ether, pull out the amazing unique ideas in the world and then bring them to earth for our clients. And we do it without ever offering a should or could. We dwell in the world of would and “why is that important for you?” We thrive in the “What else?” We explore silence with our clients because it holds all of the answers.

Coaching isn’t about creating large incomes of money (but you can and some coaches do). it’s not about reaching fame or publishing a lot of books. It’s behind the scenes support and holding a lot of space.

If you ever want to explore if coaching is for you – please reach out. I love helping others find their perfect purpose in the world and if coaching is calling you, it can help to talk to other coaches about their experience.