Let me tell you a story about how my life got flip turned upside down. Yes, just call me the fresh princess of transformational coaching. I’m an ex-corporate career gal in online marketing & communications turned transformational business coach for creative entrepreneurs. I use my mad coaching skills to help people like you open up your creative mind streams and build the rockstar business you’ve been hoping, wishing, & rapping about.

I get it. I get you. You tried all of the other jobs until you realized you need more out of life. By more I mean shopping trips in Paris because it’s Tuesday and it doesn’t matter that you’re suddenly in another country because you’ve built a business that allows you to work from anywhere.

No more compromises. No more settling. No more tolerating whatever comes your way. Let’s work on your dreams, desires, goals and even those thoughts in the back of your soul you keep hidden because “What would they think of me if I told anyone I wanted that?”

My coaching packages are designed for the entrepreneur looking to build a mother-flippin’ awesome business that makes money, makes clients/customers happy and leaves you with happy tingly awesome thoughts.

I get the trepidation before that crucial leap – the readiness you need to feel before that change happens. I’m here to help you open up your creative mind, get you exploring what’s holding you back and help you make a solid plan to make that change.

"My promise to you: I will work just as hard as you during our sessions, after our sessions and in between sessions to get you where you're meant to be."

Why work with me?

I love laughing, getting creative and really opening up new mind pathways to get you designing your best choices. I don’t judge people based on where they are in their journey. It’s your life and whatever you’ve got going on is yours to own. I provide an incredibly safe space for you to hash out all the gory details and create outstanding decisions for your life.

Yes, we go through business steps like marketing, ideal target audience and setting up email opt-ins, but I also know that none of that is going to jive unless you’re completely ready to dive in and hustle your bustle. We’re not sitting on the couch, eating bon bons and reading The Secret – we’re entrepreneurs! We step out of the overwhelm and we make this happen.

I believe that we have the ability to create amazing change in our lives. Leveraging our creative mind & intuition new dynamic ideas emerge and we’re able to receive all of our desires. Want more clients? Done. Want to create passive income streams? Sure! Want to build an empire? Absolutely. I believe you can achieve everything you want to. I’m here to help you do that.

I love working with ambitious entrepreneurs, like you, who are ready to take their part-time dreams to full-time reality.

My Specialties

I am an intuitive business coach trained in NLP coaching techniques. That means I listen and observe how you react physically, emotionally and verbally to questions which helps me ask the next best question.

My business specialties are:

  • online marketing
  • online courses
  • diverse income streams
  • pricing strategies
  • money mindset
  • limiting belief reframing
  • sales funnels
  • email marketing

What You Can Expect

  • YOU are ready for big change – launching your business, finding new clients, increasing your prices or incorporating passive income streams and it’s just not happening on your own right now.
  • YOU are ambitious, excited about your business and dedicated to putting the work in to making this happen.
  • I am here to ask you a plethora of questions so you can develop the best plan of action for your business. (even some of the ones that make you pause, dive deep, come up with the limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted and maybe you didn’t even know existed)
  • I am not here to teach you how to run your business, how to set up an email list, or teach you marketing.  I know how to do all of that for me and I can guide you in possibilities but ultimately the decision is yours to implement. I’ve created learning modules & resources for you to take advantage of to help you cut down some of the research time. I am here to keep you focused, keep you out of your excuses, out of overwhelm and on the delicious path of growth, wealth and happiness.

Creativity is BIG Business. Are you ready?

  • 1 x 90-minute Define & Refine session where you will receive a customized values exploration session & begin goals exploration
  • 4 x 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions per month to develop goals, smash creative blocks & build that rockstar creative business of yours.
  • 2 Optional but additional 15 minute laser coaching sessions each week – these can be live, through Voxer or Facebook chat. They are not accumulative but meant to be used to keep you in forward motion.
  • Custom creative exercises outside of our sessions for you to build your mind muscle.
  • Email or Facebook Chat support so you are never stuck when it comes to your business building. Email me for quick answers, short feedback and actionable support.

4 Months One-on-One Coaching

You’re ready to launch your brand-new business or expand your business to new heights, but you’re getting tripped up in the steps. Coaching is going to take you from stalled to superstar. You’ll be bringing in the best clients, the most money and spending more time being creative.

Your Investment: Plans start at $8000 USD & are customized for your individual needs.

Monthly Momentum

The Monthly Momentum is designed for those who need a monthly powerful coaching session to maintain dynamic momentum in their life. You’ve got your plans mostly figured out, you know where you’re going – you just need that monthly nudge to keep the focus, get your plans refined and the courage & confidence to keep raising the bar for yourself and your company.
What’s Included: 12 – 90 minute sessions with a monthly momentum checklist sent before the appointment to get you absolutely crystal clear on your objectives, wants, desires and profit goals.

Please note: This package does not include unlimited emails or laser coaching sessions through Facebook Messenger. If you require additional support throughout the month, consider my weekly coaching package for full support over 4 months.

Cost: $24oo USD for the year. (Quarterly Payment Plan Available – $650 per quarter)

One Day Intensives

You’ve got a mindset you need shifted, a limiting block you need eliminated or you’ve just got to figure out a crucial step to get you back into the groove for building your amazing new creative business. An intensive is a block of time over a day where we’ll connect in person or over Skype to get you back on track.

3 Hour Intensive – $650 USD

Over 3 Hours – Your Investment: Customized depending on your needs